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New GLORP stuff!

Spring has Sprung!

And that means GLORP gum is rolling out three brand new flavors and three brand new FREE t-shirts to go with them! Nothing says nice weather like chewing gum in a new shirt. But that’s not all! GLORP also has new hats, patches, and die cut sticker sets that will be sure to put the spring in your step even if the weather doesn’t!

So feel free to head on over to the shop and pick up an item or two. Every shirt and object I sell through the shop helps me out tremendously and I really appreciate it!



Holy balls, is it really August already? Hot pockets! Where the hell have I been? What the shit Happened to BATTLE ZOO?!

Fear not dear readers, for I have been impossibly hard at work on a major acquisition/big time corporate money buy type of thing.

In other words.. I BOUGHT A GUM COMPANY!

Well, not any gum company, the Glorp gum company!

Back in January I acquired the defunct Glorp Gum Brand. I always loved Glorp gum as a kid, and am looking forward to getting the company back up on its feet. I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for GLORP. Including reissuing lots of great old Glorp gum products.

To start with, I’ve 4 Classic GLORP Gum shirts, Glorpoid trading cars, Vintage Glorp gum machine sticker sets, Old school Metallic button sets, and even a hat!

What is Glorp gum you ask? Aren’t you Tired of your gum not coming with a free T-shirt? Well, the Glorp Gum family of products is here to help! Each and every piece of our hand crafted “aged to perfection” bubble gum comes with a high quality limited edition T-shirt. So when you think of gum, think of GLORP! America’s CHEW value!

So step on over to Glorpgum.com right now and check out the stuff!

Here’s a vintage Glorp Gum commercial I dug up on you tube:


Hey Gang!
Sorry for the long delay in updates. October and November were swallowed by a 3 big projects. Including some animated bumpers for a new TV show that will be airing sometime in the new year. I’ll keep everyone updated on it. But you can see some pictures of my contributions over on my Twitter or my Instagram.

I also have plenty of new stuff over at my shop. Including newish Anatomy of the Gremlin and Mogwai shirts. All manners of holiday cards (a little late for that) but
you can check out the story behind this years cards and see some long lost video over at my personal site.

I’m going to do my best to figure out a regular schedule for Battle Zoo in the new year. The Final pages of the first issue are all ready to be colored and The 2nd issue is all written and laid out, so hopefully I can find a few days to get it all together (The 2nd issue is super shitting Bonkers BTW).

Since this blog has been getting getting a lot of “hits” I’ll do my best to keep it updated, but If you want the most constant updates follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as I’m going to start showing a lot more process shots of Battle Zoo.



Anatomy Of The Predator T-Shirt Presale!

Behold! The beautiful gut filled goodness of the Predator! This shirt is perfect for Job interviews, weddings, and first dates. Let the world know that you’re the #1 dude with this stylish shirt!

This is a 2-color design soft ink over discharge underbase screen printed on a Canvas brand 4.20 oz. 100% ringspun preshrunk cotton shirt in “Deep Teal.”

These shirts are really nice and soft, very similar to the American Apparel shirts that I usually use. The sizing is similar to AA shirts, but you might want to double check the size chart before you order. I would have used AA shirts this time, but this Particular color was just too perfect to pass up. These shirts are going to look awesome.

NO! THERE IS STILL MORE TO BE HAD! The first 25 orders will get a FREE black and white inked sketch! The sketches turned out pretty great last time, so don’t miss out!
Did you want to get in on the discounted price and get in on the sketches? Well signup for my Email Party and get the scoop on the next shirt!

Shirts are $21 plus shipping. But wait! That’s not all! You’ll also get a BRAND NEW super secret sticker!

Click that button above to order or click this WORD


Are you familiar with Robert Cop? No, I’m not talking about the half-man, half-machine future of law enforcement jackass. I’m talking about ROBERT COP, the officially unofficial Chinese bootleg toy!

The first time I heard about Robert Cop was way back in the early ’90’s. There was a tiny picture posted in the toy column of Heroes Illustrated (a Wizard magazine knock-off, appropriately enough). It blew my mind! There was nothing funnier to 12 year old Brad than the name Robert Cop. I showed EVERYONE the tiny crappy photo that some reader had sent in. I couldn’t believe it was real. It was 100% comedy gold to me, and I had absolutely no idea how to get one of my own. Alas, those pre-internet days are long gone, and now every hilariously terrible thing is just a PayPal button click away (sniff).

THAT IS, UNTIL NOW! Behold! Something you can’t get on the internet:

Advertisement courtesy of Battle Zoo

A ROBERT COP 2 T-shirt? HELL YEAH! Twelve year old me is pumped as shit right now, and you should be too, because this shirt is fuckin’ weird. Robert Cop 2 features robots from all of my favorite 90’s sequels, and now stands before you, ready to befuddle onlookers at all of the cool places that you hang out.

Fans of the Xenomorph shirt have told me that it totally bewilders people, which is just about the best compliment in the world to me. Hopefully this shirt will prompt even more “WTF” from your peers:

Still not sold on the second greatest bootleg tee shirt of all time? (First greatest). Well, here is a TINY preview of the bonus fun that the first 25 pre-orders will receive along with their shirt:

Not much of a preview, huh? Well, I’m keeping these under wraps at the moment. Only my dog, Bailey, and I know what awesomeness is in store for you, and man, are these cool. I probably shouldn’t be wasting my time making cool stuff for you, but screw it. You’re totally worth it. I’ll post next week with more details.

So, if you’re a fan of Robert Cop, bootleg toys, or absurd tee-shirts, then click the button below to preorder this This swank ass shirt.

DEETS: This Cool 4 color design is printed on a “Sea Foam Green” American Apparel 100% ring-spun cotton uni-sex shirt. Printed using a soft ink over discharge underbase screen-printing method (no thick plastisol inks here, folks!) making this the softest and classiest shirt available anywhere on the Internet!
ONLY $22 plus shipping! All the rest of the details at SHOP!

PS There is no way this shirt will be as popular as the Xenomorph shirt, so if you want one, you really should pre-order it.


Hey, hey, hey! Look who’s got a new online store! I’ve got more than a few new items over there, so go check them out. I haven’t moved everything over just yet, so there will be a week or two of overlap with the new shop and the many wares that are scatted around BRADMCGINTY.COM.

Here are the new prints available:

Anatomy of the Martian! Get all the details on this beauty over at the new store!

Anatomy of the Mogwai! Details at that NEW STORE everyone keeps talking about!

Anatomy of the Gremlin! Find out more at this AMAZING new internet site that sells Brad Mcginty swag!

Man, I bet they would all look great in your place!

But, I’ve got more than prints hanging around the new shop. Check out these beauts:

WHAAAAAAAA?? Pretty swank, huh? Like I said, all this junk is available over at my brand new store. I don’t have the comics up yet, but they’ll be there shortly… Followed by a few new shirts, and some even newer prints!

I want to take a sec (while I’m drunk) to thank everyone who has bought something from me in the past year. Your support has made a big difference in my life, and has helped me complete more than a few projects I’ve wanted to do for some time. I’m not even sure it’s possible to put into words what
it all means to me, so I’ll just say thanks again, and I hope I can keep making stuff that you all enjoy as much as I do!




Did you hear that? No? Well, that was the sound of THE FUTURE OF COMICS BEING BORN!

Ladies and Gents, girls and boys, pay attention! Gaze upon this page, for you have just witnessed the birth of a new age of comics! Mark your calendars and get a commemorative tattoo, for this is a day you’ll remember forever!

So be prepared to have this conversation with your future offspring:

Your shitty future kid: Daddy, were you there on the first Brad McGinty Day, when our savior changed the face of comics forever?

Your shitty future self: Yes, child, I was. It was the greatest day of my life.

Your shitty kid: What did it sound like?


Your shitty kid: WOW.

Your shitty future self: Yeah.

How am I changing comics, you may ask. Well, naysayer, the same boring way that everyone changes things: THE INTERNET!

You are, I’m sure, sick of all of the digital comics talk, what with the digital download numbers and Twitterverse synergy. WELL, I introduce to you BATTLEZOO, a web-based comic just like every other!

You know how you used to spend hours paging through stacks of crappy comics as a grimy youth? BattleZoo is an attempt to replicate that experience using the interweb. So grab your pouch of Capri Sun and get ready, because I’m not making any apologies about the blatant goofiness of this comic. I’m going balls to the wall, here!

So, you can expect a new section to magically appear on the site every week  for the foreseeable future. If you like it, leave a comment. Or better yet, indirectly fund my opus by buying some sweet merchandise from my other site.

Be sure to email me all of your fan art, and Send me a picture of that sweet commemorative tattoo you just got.



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