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(STRANGE NOISE) | Battle Zoo …">


Did you hear that? No? Well, that was the sound of THE FUTURE OF COMICS BEING BORN!

Ladies and Gents, girls and boys, pay attention! Gaze upon this page, for you have just witnessed the birth of a new age of comics! Mark your calendars and get a commemorative tattoo, for this is a day you’ll remember forever!

So be prepared to have this conversation with your future offspring:

Your shitty future kid: Daddy, were you there on the first Brad McGinty Day, when our savior changed the face of comics forever?

Your shitty future self: Yes, child, I was. It was the greatest day of my life.

Your shitty kid: What did it sound like?


Your shitty kid: WOW.

Your shitty future self: Yeah.

How am I changing comics, you may ask. Well, naysayer, the same boring way that everyone changes things: THE INTERNET!

You are, I’m sure, sick of all of the digital comics talk, what with the digital download numbers and Twitterverse synergy. WELL, I introduce to you BATTLEZOO, a web-based comic just like every other!

You know how you used to spend hours paging through stacks of crappy comics as a grimy youth? BattleZoo is an attempt to replicate that experience using the interweb. So grab your pouch of Capri Sun and get ready, because I’m not making any apologies about the blatant goofiness of this comic. I’m going balls to the wall, here!

So, you can expect a new section to magically appear on the site every week  for the foreseeable future. If you like it, leave a comment. Or better yet, indirectly fund my opus by buying some sweet merchandise from my other site.

Be sure to email me all of your fan art, and Send me a picture of that sweet commemorative tattoo you just got.



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