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NEW STORE! | Battle Zoo …">


Hey, hey, hey! Look who’s got a new online store! I’ve got more than a few new items over there, so go check them out. I haven’t moved everything over just yet, so there will be a week or two of overlap with the new shop and the many wares that are scatted around BRADMCGINTY.COM.

Here are the new prints available:

Anatomy of the Martian! Get all the details on this beauty over at the new store!

Anatomy of the Mogwai! Details at that NEW STORE everyone keeps talking about!

Anatomy of the Gremlin! Find out more at this AMAZING new internet site that sells Brad Mcginty swag!

Man, I bet they would all look great in your place!

But, I’ve got more than prints hanging around the new shop. Check out these beauts:

WHAAAAAAAA?? Pretty swank, huh? Like I said, all this junk is available over at my brand new store. I don’t have the comics up yet, but they’ll be there shortly… Followed by a few new shirts, and some even newer prints!

I want to take a sec (while I’m drunk) to thank everyone who has bought something from me in the past year. Your support has made a big difference in my life, and has helped me complete more than a few projects I’ve wanted to do for some time. I’m not even sure it’s possible to put into words what
it all means to me, so I’ll just say thanks again, and I hope I can keep making stuff that you all enjoy as much as I do!



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